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Los High Tops Gigs! Past and Future


What the critics say

Los High Tops are not just in it for three-chords and cloud of dust.

“Five Stars. Qu’est-ce gue le Surfabilly? Pour le savoir, rien de plus facile: il suffit d’écouter l’album du trio .... Cette formule est typique du Rockabilly, mais ils vont au-delà, y ajoutant des embellissements de leur cru et étant capables de sortir des instrumentaux rockin’ Surf bien” Bernard Boyat, Sur La Route de Memphis
“More than just a CD, it’s a journey. It takes you through a gamut of styles and genres, without losing the band’s identity. Los High Tops stamp themselves on every track and demonstrate a wide repertoire as well as accomplished musicianship ... experimental and true to the faith at the same time” Al E. Cat, Rockabilly Headquarters
“... energetic and melodic Rock’n’Roll and Rockabilly, powerful and danceable, fun and upbeat... I dig this release with mostly original material that rocks but emphasizes melody. It has a great sound with especially expert guitar work - a powerful performance by Los High Tops. ” Gaby Maag-Bristol, Blue Suede News
"Smooth is an apt description for the surf/billy/blues melange wrought by North Californians...(Los High Tops). It was a delight from start to finish. "Melodic" also serves handily. "Aggressive" is here too, though rightly as but one cooperative factor in the splendid whole." Editors, Rockabilly Magazine
““Lemon Drop”, which is a fast paced rocker with some clever guitar work on it. There are a  couple of nice instrumentals; “Hotwire”, “Betsy Stroll” and “Death Agent 13”, ....my favourite by far was “Hep Cat Jump”,... As an instrumental band they are superb and really shine.” Editors - Crackerjack Magazine
“The title rockabilly track literally jumps out of the speakers... Los High Tops are not just in it  for three-chords and cloud of dust..... "Hotwire," is a surf instrumental for those of us who are tired of surf instrumentals... it is so rich that it stands up to repeated listenings.” Editors, Hicks With Sticks

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